The free appetizers prepped for us to try were amazing, and the chef was very personable, likeable, and willing to teach both my 16 year old daughter and my 80 year old father! The food was delicious, and the experience of having a chef in your own home was really lovely.

K. Zeiger

Pleasant conversation, good food.

N. Manocha

Meeting and speaking with chef Richard was our highlight.

A. Harland

The food was delicious. Stephen was really personable. 9/10

J. Lemieux

Richard was fabulous. Friendly, prepared and the food was great! Loved the curry and the Sole 2 ways and my daughter loved the pizza!
W. Coles

We felt like we were at a restaurant but at our own house.  We really enjoyed ourselves and will definitely look into doing this again.  It was a wonderful experience overall!

Ajeen is a great chef, very personable, talked us through the cooking process, gave us some cooking tips, amazing experience.

K. Smith

The highlight of our [event] was having the "…opportunity to discuss shared cooking experiences and to enjoy having a professional chef in our amateur chef home. 10/10"

J. Gilmour

The highlight of our dinner was "Watching Chris prepare our meals."

K. Lutchman

The novelty of having a chef cooking for you in your home is amazing.

R. Mandla

The highlight of the night was watching my guests enjoy the delicious meal and unique experience! Our chef was so very personable and friendly, it truly enhanced the evening. 10/10

C. Benoit

It was wonderful to have guests and not have to worry about the shopping and prep and clean up. the food was excellent.

N. Sebberas

The whole evening was great, there wasn't a specific highlight. 10/10.

J. Wordsworth

Highlight was: "The new cuisine we tried and our chefs way of explaining it and showing us tips and tricks that we can use in the future."

M. Malfa

The highlight of our [event] was sitting in our own livingroom having a glass of wine and relaxing while our meal was prepared. It was fabulous and our chef was very approachable and friendly 10/10.

L. Howell

Watching the whole process and picking up pointers from Ajeen. Excellent tasty meal.

S. Messham

The highlight of my evening was the interaction with chef during food prep.

S. James

Taste --- it was fantastic!! We enjoyed every minute that he prepared the meals. He was professional, informative, funny, very knowledgeable and very accommodating. His service and presentation was amazing. We had a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend to family and friends (I already have).

V. Raso

We enjoyed Chef Beckford's presence in our kitchen. The food was beyond our expectations and would consider giving the [experience] as a gift to friends.

K. Laforet

Great food and enjoyed watching chef Ajeen cook our meal - 10/10

Cathy Sardellitti

It was fun to have a personal chef cooking in my home for a meal. It was definitely a unique experience, that would be nice to repeat some day.

M. Sisson

He was very easy to talk to. The stuffed pasta and seafood dish was amazing. Same with the poached pear and creme brulee
Ryan Philips

​It was a delightful experience to have a delicious meal cooked and served by an informative and cheerful chef and have everything clean up! 10/10
Diana Presse

I sat down with a glass of champagne and listened to music while waiting for my guests!
Anne Marie Hayes

​The whole experience was exceptional - the chef, the food and the service.
Inge Jabusch

A "Taste" of Thousands of Testimonials That We Have Received

From start to finish our chef was nothing short of amazing. He turned cooking dinner into a magical romantic experience. We will definitely hire him again and I've begun telling all of my friends about him. Thank you for making my wife's birthday perfect and please forward this review to our chef.

J. Marshe

Chris was extremely engaged, personable and talented. He is a true chef with passion. The food (all courses) were outstanding!

J. Wilson


A. Tomassi

Overall great evening. Jessica was wonderful. Learned a few cooking ideas. 10/10

S. Kelder

Appetizer was divine. 9/10

L. Winter

Excellent food and good company. Not worrying about rushing around preparing everything. 10/10.

K. Gorman

Chris has a great personality and he is very professional! We enjoyed meeting him, chatting to him and we loved the fact that he described each course and told us how it was prepared! He is an excellent chef and we had a fabulous meal!

F. Stevens

The hors d'oeuvres and entree that he prepared were absolutely delicious! We savoured every morsel.  Thank you Chef Abhishek for a great experience! 10/10

L. Godwin

The striploin steak was the most tastiest and moist steak ever!

J. Puddicombe

The highlight was "The personality of Stephan. 10/10.

W. Terry

We were very lucky to have met a GREAT chef and had an awesome experience! Our chef was extremely professional, personable and of course, very talented!! He went above and beyond our expectations where he brought ALL of his own tools and serving supplies as well as starting off with an appetizer, delicious dinner and a fabulous dessert!!

N. Alexander

Michelle was very professional we felt like we were in the best restaurant, you really should be proud that you have that chef on staff fantastic. overall we had the best time. 10/10.

D. Stula

I enjoyed conversing with Michael and watching him in my kitchen. He was friendly and very easy-going. He made the experience quite enjoyable. The food was also excellent.  9/10.

T. Crewson

The complete overall experience was the highlight. Having someone come into the house and do all the cooking, serving and clean-up was a real treat. 10/10

S. Mackenzie

​Our highlight of the evening was actually everything. Abhishek was very courteous, friendly and very professional. The aromas well he was cooking was breathtaking and so was the outcome of our dinner. We greatly enjoyed the experience and our compliments to Abhishek. Fantastic meal. 10/10

J. Murray

Everything was very wonderful. Coming home from work and being the one sitting at the island rather than the one cooking was great! The overall interaction with Michelle was great! We enjoyed discussing food and learning a few tips. A great experience and a wonderful gift.

A. Kurilla

A fabulous meal in the comfort of our home! It felt like we were fine dining. Everything was spotless when he left, you would never know that the meal was prepared there. This Chef Experience was a gift and our first one, hopefully, of many. What a concept!! 10/10

V. Manes


Amazing scallops, perfectly cooked beef tenderloin, and absolutely spotless kitchen when she left! 10/10

Julie Gillespie

The best part of the cooking lesson was the “Poultry de-boning demonstration 10/10”

Roy Chapman

It was a great night overall. and a great experience. I think the highlight of the evening was seeing the time and energy that Richard had put into the evening. We learned a lot from him, and enjoyed the food!
Jennifer Gillespie

Prior to the arrival of our guests, we enjoyed some conversation and cooking tips with Abhishek while he prepared dinner.  Food was excellently prepared and the flavours were fabulous. 10/10

S. Jordan