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Chef Insurance - Why is this so important when I hire a Chef?

Chefs are human too - mistakes can happen to anyone no matter how much training or experience they have.  Liability insurance is there to protect you and the Chef when things go wrong.

Below, are some scenarios that could happen, where liability insurance can be important:
- a saucepan is dropped, cracking a tile on your kitchen floor
- a hot pan is placed on your counter top, leaving a scorch mark that cannot be removed
- a guest is afflicted by food poisoning, as a direct result of the Chef's food preparation

The Personal Chef industry is currently unregulated in Canada, hence there are no requirements for a Chef, Personal Chef, Private Chef or Catering company to have liability insurance.  This could put you and your home at risk should something go wrong.

Many of the Chefs listed on this website do have liability insurance for events in your home with 20 people or less, and they will be more than happy to show you their Certificate of Insurance.  However, many Chefs have not taken the step to invest in their business or to protect your health and safety, and do not have liability insurance.   Their service may appear to be cheaper, but 

If you would like to safeguard your health and property, it is your right to select another Chef to provide your service, or to ask that the Chef you are hiring gets his or her business covered by liability insurance.  Please feel free to direct them to one of Canada's leading companies for liability insurance for Chefs -

For more information, you can also CONTACT OUR OFFICE or keep reading, below, for FAQs.​

Q: I will have over 20 people at my private, at home event.  Will this be covered by the Personal Chef's liability insurance?
In most cases, no, it will not be covered.  Some Chefs, however, do have additional insurance to cover larger events, events in locations outside your home etc.  You can CONTACT OUR OFFICE for more information.

Q: I would like to hire a Chef on your website and am considering hiring them directly.  Will my event be covered by the Chef's liability insurance?
Please CONTACT OUR OFFICE for details on your particular Chef.  Many Chefs are only covered by liability insurance when hired through our office.

​Q: What happens if I hire a Chef that I found on your website and something goes wrong?  Who is liable? 

A: Please contact the Chef directly; he/she will notify their insurance company, if applicable.  By listing a Chef on this site there are no implied warranties by TopChefs4Hire. TopChefs4Hire's has no liability in connection with the delivery or non-delivery of the service and we will not be liable for any damages or liabilities arising out of negligence or otherwise of a Chef.

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